[Update] VFX Clarity Changes on Skins

Hey all, I want to talk about some VFX changes coming down the pipe. On Skins Team we desire to make the coolest content possible. For that we often change the look and sound of a champion's kit to create a cohesive thematic that immerses you in an alternate fantasy. It requires a fine balance for our artists to create something visually impressive that also maintains the gameplay integrity of the original champion. There are a handful of skins where the clarity of the visual effects is not up to standards for competitive play. These skins have been disallowed in competitive tournaments, including LCS. Of course, this sucks and we’d rather see them allowed. So we’re revisiting six skins to focus on the clarity of the visual effects. We’re happy to share these eight skins, which once these updates are made, should be approved for LCS play! Here are the changes you’ll see on the PBE today: **Ravenborn Leblanc** http://imgur.com/aK4toTa Her launch pads are now brighter and a tad larger to make them more visible **Cosmic Reaver Kassadin** http://imgur.com/CGgIqL0 Q projectile is now larger. There's a new ring element for his 'E-ready' state so it is more visible. **Headhunter Caitlyn** http://imgur.com/lSr33EU A glow particle has been added to her hands to show that her passive is ready (it was previously, and still is, on her gun) **Bloodmoon Elise** http://imgur.com/05vZgSK The missile for her E has been clarified to look more like a cocoon. The W leaves the screen faster and there is less smoke for less screen clutter. **Lunar Revel Caitlyn** http://imgur.com/3AWiWsY Caitlyn's basic attack is less noisy, the trail has been shortened to be closer to her base auto-attack. **Firecracker Jinx** http://imgur.com/lHC68Ce Her Fishbones-Q has smaller smoke tendrils and do not spread as far, they linger for a shorter amount of time. The flashing is slightly faster too. Her ult's effects do not linger as long, removed some of the darkness that would cover all champs within the VFX. **Forecast Janna** http://imgur.com/6nzpg4K Lightened the Q so the tornado is more readable. **Dark Valkyrie Diana** http://imgur.com/qLutywD Her Q Arc was changed, the sparkles are brighter and the dark portion darker In the future you may see some more clarity updates for our skins. These eight needed the upgrade most. We hope you like it! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have around this update.
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