Bring Draft pick or Ranked back to PBE

The players who have a PBE atm are very childish and it is very ridiculous that when you try to play a single game to either test a new skin out or a new champ people auto lock them and go troll lanes. Please bring the ranked or draft pick. Took me literally 1 min to find the first game, someone dodged at 2 seconds left, or it takes 20 mins to find a game. Either the servers are completely empty or there is no punishment for dodging, Keep a closer eye on people in the PBE. Toxic players and trolls should be dealt with as soon as they are reported or found. It is suppose to assist in bug catches and other problems to make the game run more smoothly am I wrong? But when you get these players doing this you actually cannot get a functional match at all. Thanks for reading this, please get this crap together normal league is toxic enough. . .
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