Would it be possible for the New Abssyal Sceptor Aura to be coded with true damage mages in mind.

**Something along the lines of increase your own ability damage by 10%** (similar to the mastery sorcery) **While also increasing your allies magic damage by 10%** (as to not have AD castors and the like benefit) (these don't stack with each other for the buyer) This is to not leave behind this item as a viable defensive option for AP mages with mixed damage ({{champion:103}} {{champion:161}} and to some extent off AP picks like {{champion:31}} or {{champion:96}}) Abyssal Sceptor is seeming like the go to item for mids that have fallen behind or are looking to invest in survivability without becoming irrelevant for that decision and I don't want the mixed damage AP's getting the sort end of the stick just because of the way their kite damage works. Specifically in {{champion:103}} 's situation as this item is somewhat conveyed as core on her but would be buying into a disadvantageous item in regards to her own kite compared to say {{champion:61}} or {{champion:7}} buying it with full magic damage kites getting the most out of the item, even though I would argue that each of these are suppose to on-paper atleast be prime candidates for this item )
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