How are we suppose to test new content with a ~45min queue time?

I'm trying to queue for ARAM since it recently got a decent amount of changes. (Removal of all Dorans + Gp10 support item, rework of a few epic items, and 40% summoner spell cooldown) How am I suppose to test these new items to see how they work and if they are OP or not, if I can't even find a game to join? I'm currently sitting in a queue that's 45 minutes and counting. Now before you comment, I already know that the PBE community isn't exactly the largest. I already know this and I've had 10 minute queues before and that is perfectly fine with me, but when the queue gets to the point where it is over twice the length that the ingame lasts, then it becomes a problem. Why do we need a queue for people to test OFA(RGM) when there isn't even any changes on it? Why not reroute all those players to the ARAM queue to test the changes on ARAM? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} FeelsBadMan #MakeAramQueueGreatAgain
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