Let's talk about the Talon E changes.

Alright, let me preface this by saying I'm by no means a Talon main or anything, but I had played him a LOT on his release month (~150 games in that month in normal games mainly) and I've played him a bit recently too, but not as much. What the proposed change on PBE for Talon's E is turning his silence effect on it into a (heavy) slow. While I think this is the right direction to give him counterplay, I feel like just turning it into a slow (small or large) is the wrong way to nerf the ability. What this removes is his "Go in instantly and do damage while they can't do anything at all for 1 second" and turns it into a "I hope is flash and other mobility spells are down or I'm going to suck here". My proposed addition to the change is to simply add a mini-stun to the ability. Shorter than the silence, obviously. Around .25/.275/.3/.325/.35 or so would be good. He keeps his interupt, and lets him get at least some damage off for free (The point of cutthroat, really) Either way, I know Talon is (probably) in good hands, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the changes turn out either way because Talon is extremely cool thematically.
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