Skins splash small update coming to PBE

Hey dudes and dudettes! Wanted to jump on here to let you guys know about some skin splash changes headed to PBE. Specifically, we're replacing the splash art for around 32 skins (For right now, no bases). Some of you may recognize these splashes from other League of Legends regions. We're constantly seeking to improve LoL across the board, and splashes are no different - as you may have noticed, we've been concentrating on base splash updates in recent patches. As with other art assets, a lot splashes in League have aged over time. We 100% want to improve all of this out-of-date content, but for now a lot of our work is focused specifically on updating base champion splashes. This led us to seek out stopgap measures for showing love to some of the most out of style splashes where we already have better alternatives available (cough...Grandma Lux). To reiterate, this is a temporary step focused on, right now, only the worst offenders. Let us know what you think! FAQ: **Why didn't you do this sooner?** The art style for these splashes was a bit different from our visual target, and we didn't want to create a long-term rift in our splash content. However, due to the amount of time and resources we need to bring these splashes fully up to our visual target, we have reconsidered some temporary solutions for these splashes. **Why didn't you change X splash?** We specifically picked splashes that met the goals of this small update, so there could be several reasons: 1. We feel the current splash is of higher or comparable quality (We’re looking for instances where there is a noticeable upgrade.) 2. Alternatives are too drastically different from current splash or in-game model (we're looking to improve overall cohesion in addition to just visual quality.) **What if I don't like X splash?** Let us know! The goal here is to improve, not detract **Why are these only skin splashes?** This change is a stopgap for a few skins while we focus hard on updating base splashes to our current style target. These splashes are a bit more sensitive given that they're more highly visible (e.g. minimap icons, champion select, etc...). In general, we're looking to err on the side of caution where there's a very clear quality increase with little risk of confusion. **Changelist:** {{champion:34}} Noxus Hunter Anivia {{champion:1}} Red Riding Annie {{champion:53}} Rusty Blitzcrank Goalkeeper Blitzcrank {{champion:69}} Desperada Cassiopeia Siren Cassiopeia {{champion:36}} Mr. Mundoverse {{champion:28}} Tango Evelynn {{champion:41}} Minuteman Gangplank {{champion:86}} Dreadknight Garen {{champion:74}} Alien Invader Heimerdinger Blast Zone Heimerdinger {{champion:39}} Nightblade Irelia Aviator Irelia {{champion:59}} Commando Jarvan IV {{champion:10}} Silver Kayle Viridian Kayle {{champion:99}} Sorceress Lux {{champion:11}} Chosen Master Yi {{champion:21}} Candy Cane Miss Fortune {{champion:75}} Pharaoh Nasus {{champion:76}} Snow Bunny Nidalee Leopard Nidalee {{champion:56}} Ravager Nocturne {{champion:2}} Forsaken Olaf Glacial Olaf {{champion:80}} Ruthless Pantheon {{champion:78}} Noxus Poppy {{champion:98}} Frozen Shen {{champion:27}} Hextech Singed {{champion:77}} Black Belt Udyr {{champion:45}} Curling Veigar
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