Dragonslayer Pantheon Feedback

Let me say first of all that this has the potential to be an amazing skin. When I first saw the splash I was completely blown away, but was disappointed by the in-game model. My two major qualms about the skin are that I believe that the in-game color palette doesn't seem to fit the darker tone that is set for the skin in the splash nd that the horns on the helmet in-game seem to me to be a bit too large. I am aware that in-game skins aren't supposed to be exact replicas of what we see in the splash, but I think that making the blue areas obsidian black and the maroon parts of the cape and shield a dark crimson would make this skin look a lot more appealing. In terms of animations everything looks pretty good. If there could be an impact mark left for a few seconds with scorched ground I think that'd look pretty sick too. In summary, this looks like a pretty solid skin I would consider buying, just needs some adjustments IMO.
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