PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mother Serpent and Slaughter Fleet Wards!

Ever wonder how Miss Fortune always manages to find her Bounty Board targets so quickly? Or how Gangplank keeps tabs on all the shady denizens of Bilgewater? Wards. Vision control is key to becoming a powerful figure in Bilgewater, so grab these two new Bilgewater ward skins and show those powder monkeys that nothing gets past your watchful gaze! Mother Serpent Ward * New model and textures for this Bilgewater bell buoy * New water-wading animations as the buoy bobs in the water * New blue, water particles that appear around the ward * New bell sounds to help guide your ship amongst the saltwater waves Slaughter Fleet Ward * New model and textures for this Bilgewater Crest-inspired ward * New animations for this deadly snake ward * New swashbuckling harpoon and scimitar sounds These ward skins will be 640 RP each (pricing on PBE is subject to change). Your input is very helpful and valued to us, so please feel free to leave any feedback, questions or bug reports regarding these Bilgewater wards! See you on the Bilgewater battlegrounds! <3
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