Its fair or unfair to rate a guy in auto-fill? (hypothetical question)

Hey folks, an issue ... What do you guys think about the staff giving rage on someone who fell into auto-fill? for example, a guy who is main jungle plays as adc because of auto fill and he makes it clear that he does not play adc. still the rage team and some ragequit, even knowing that this is not justified, would it be just the guy suffering free hate even if dedicating himself? because I noticed in several games while playing had someone giving free rate, and without reason, be calling the staff of feeder, troll among others. And most even say that it will "to troll" if it does not stop with that, not to mention the staff that is deliberately quit, and even with reports the feeling that this is not helping is great. I think the vast majority of the players that are here at pbe have no idea that if they do rate, troll or anything toxic, when the penalty reaches the pbe account and the main account of the staff outside the pbe. from a warning to perma ban. leave your opinion please. (this post is more to reflect on general behavior) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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