@Riot Chesties, I want to talk about PBR tool!

Hey! So, for a while I was wondering about usefulness of Report a Bug page. The idea behind it is great but realization is kind of weak. At first, when you have invited a few people to test the tool, I was really excited about it. It seemed that it could almost replace PBE boards bugs section but it can't and never will which is sad. I don't think that many players even know that it exists, the situation becomes is even sadder. I used this tool in the start. It was okay because it was something new and shiny but later somehow it became irrelevant for me. I don't know if anyone feels the same way about it, but PBR is very underwhelming. Everything up to "Submit" button is great, but after you click it, it seems that you have wasted your time. Why? Because you have no idea if the bug report was sent and if it was seen. Well, it kinda gives an idea that it was sent but nothing more. It feels more like a trash can. I really wish that I could see my reported bugs and the current status of them. It doesn't have to be "Fixed", "Not Fixed". Simply having "Seen" and "Pending" status would work. PBR Tool repeats exactly the same thing that reporting a players used to do. Before instant feedback system was implemented, it felt that reporting someone was a waste of time and you never knew if your report was helpful. I feel the same right now when I try to use Report a Bug page. I really hope that you would consider adding these suggestions. It would greatly improve PBR Tool and maybe make PBE Boards less crowded.
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