I just wanted to make a post to express to RIOT how disappointed I am with the lack of a Harrowing this year. I've played the game for over 5 years now and I have always been excited for the Harrowing / Lore / hype. Seeing what we get this year is such a major let down for me. The skins really do seem like they don't belong and that they could be released at any other time of the year. It feels like there isn't a Harrowing at all and that really sucks. I own hundreds of skins on my main account and have no problem with giving RIOT money when they come out with something exciting but the zombie theme is just so old. There are plenty of champions more deserving of skins as well. They seem so bland that coming out with something like Spooky Gangplank would seem better by comparison. It's sad because there are so many better options like Necromancer Azir, Malzahar with little half corpse voidlings, Underworld Diana or even some sort of White Walker Olaf/Braum. I just feel so let down right now. gg would not buy all 3 bundled for 200 RP
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