How Is This Allowed?!

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Not the first time that I played with those guys (QHR, RzH, E L E D), and it's not the first time that I see them rage and troll. I've already reported them, but nothing happened. I printed the champion select chat so then you can see what I'm talking about, and I guarantee that they curse a lot more in-game, thinking that they're untouchable and that nothing will happen - that they'll create more accounts and etc. How is this behaviour allowed on PBE? Are they going to stay unpunished? You guys are going to do nothing about this?! {{summoner:3}} Edit: I appreciate all the feedback that you guys are sending. It's nice to see that not only me is concerned about this issue, that's really something that we should address to Riot; that our experience on PBE is getting ruined because of this type of players (ragers, trollers and etc), and that if we don't do nothing, these players are going to always have the mentality that they can do what they want and get away with it. My post here is to - especially- raise more awareness about this problem, giving a real example just to show how careless and unpunished this kind of players are. I ask for all of you that if you encounter players with bad behaviour... Please report them. Do not let them get away with it just because they're on PBE. I really hope that Riot sees that this major problem is really frequent and finally do something about it.

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