How I feel about PBE's Leaverbuster

I know the reason why the timer is so severe; I'm not here to qq and be all salty about how I always get leavebusted. I mean, even if everyone disagrees against them, the things Rioters say have a valid reason. Well, to anyone that doesn't know why the timer is so strict and stuff, here's an excerpt from Riot Chesties' [post on Player Behavior on the PBE]( > One thing to note is that this feature will work differently than it does on the live servers, with both lower punishment thresholds and shorter penalties (e.g. leave a game and you might be immediately Leaverbustered, but only for one game). To my memory I only had a 5 minute x 10 times one the very first time I got leaverbustered, and since then I've had a 20 minute x 10 games ones, and the last time PBE crashed and everything died was about 3~4 months ago. I can guarantee you I haven't had a single game in which I left since then. And my leaverbuster hadn't reset. The threshold is definitely shorter; I've only crashed throughout the one game I couldn't join, but the threshold being short is totally fine. I just feel that even if Leaverbuster needs to be severe, we need resets. Even if it goes from 5 minutes --> 20 minutes if I afk for 2 games, I'm fine. But 20 minutes for a game that I crashed once in about 4 months is too much. Please consider timer resets once in a while. Thanks. Sorry if it just sounds like a qq thread, I tried not to.
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