Speaking of SKT Skins... it's time for an update!

Hey everyone! As our SKT T1 World Championship skins hit PBE, I wanted to circle back and chat about the changes we’ve made. Before I get into the details, I want to thank you again for helping us see how much better these skins could be. We took a little extra time to really focus in on what would make these skins feel special, and we think it’s totally worth it. The teams combed through all of the player feedback, but also used this as an opportunity to work with SKT T1 to make the skins commemorate the pros themselves. Here’s what we ended up with: * Outfit changes * VFX updates and recall animations added * Added Azir and replaced Sivir with Kalista **2015 SKT T1 uniform colors** http://i.imgur.com/7hGoeDG.jpg We changed the outfits on all of the skins to reflect SKT T1’s 2015 uniform. We considered using the color scheme from their World Championship uniforms, but since those were primarily black, we chose to go in a direction that would make for a visually compelling skin while also celebrating their 2015 colors. http://i.imgur.com/rzTRwnT.png http://i.imgur.com/T4kNsxy.jpg http://i.imgur.com/KLPywKX.png http://i.imgur.com/mvfo6Hk.jpg http://i.imgur.com/aqzJUHG.png **Added some bells and whistles** It was hard to choose which skins to do VFX and Recall Animations for, so we didn’t choose! Each skin has some amount of particle updates to commemorate the team as well as a new recall animation. **Speaking of recall animations…** We love making recall animations for our skins and this time was extra special. We reached out to each of the pros and asked them to help us design a recall that would celebrate them! **Azir… you weren’t so Easy… ** http://i.imgur.com/mLHFooG.jpg See what I did there? Let’s be honest, Azir is a pretty complex champion. This one was never going to be as easy as an outfit, a few particles, and a recall. When you make a skin for Azir, you have to go all in. We’re really excited about how this one turned out. We hope you (and Easyhoon) are too! **Oh, hey there Kalista!** http://i.imgur.com/daM3gFo.png At the time we decided to re-work the skins, we weren’t sure if we’d be able to get Kalista done. She had a different skin in production at the time and this meant adding a completely new skin (in addition to Azir) at a time we hadn’t planned for one (let alone two). But after listening to all of you (and Bang) we knew we had an opportunity to really get this right. So, we added the Kalista skin and we hope you’re as happy as we are with it! **Making a splash!** A lot of players were disappointed they never got to see the splash for the original set. We were too! Using a combination of talent and wizardry, our splash artist was able to take the original splash and make it that much better! What do you think? http://i.imgur.com/YrQCRWO.jpg http://i.imgur.com/LNvlDah.jpg So, that’s pretty much it. Take the skins for a spin on PBE and let us know what you think. After this year’s Worlds, we’ll be bringing the winning team out to Riot HQ to work directly with the team on designing the next set. Who do you hope will get some Worlds skins next year? Play safe! SuperCakes
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