Jungle Exp, BloodRazor Item, Guinsoos Rageblade, Elemental Dragons

The jungle exp is wayyyyyy to high from just farming, using a poor clear method can allow you to be on par or even ahead of the laners in most situations. Playing nocturne (no leash red side clear, backed once for jungle item + dagger), I found I was able to get level 6 at 5:30! You can get lv 6 with 7 camps! I feel like that's wayy to much, and that it needs to be toned down by alot. Nextly, I found that the BloodRazor jungle item that replaced Devourer to be extremely underwhelming. The passive is relatively bad, only 3 % of max health dealt as physical damage. The 40% attack speed is very underwhelming, as is the 75 bonus damage cap to minions and monsters. Overall I would never buy this item when something like Blade of the ruined king is available. Guinsoos rageblade is also way to strong this patch as well, the +15 onhit damage, plus devourer's phantom hit passive without the stacking mechanic is absolutely overpowered. I honestly think that Devourer is more healthy than this item, since devourer at least has some sort of gating mechanic in the form of stacking to attain it's true power. Lastly, I think that the elemental dragons are relatively unbalanced. The fire dragon is absolutely amazing, giving a whopping 8% for first drag! That's incredibly strong. The air dragon is absolute trash, giving 15 out of combat movespeed, making it really not worth it to get if it's the first one. Water and earth dragon are ok, but they are also somewhat underwhelming. I know that this patch is to encourage more control over dragon, but still, I feel like the old dragon system was better. However, the elder dragon is really healthy IMO, since it encourages you to control it, while not being as end game or difficult as baron nashor.
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