RP is too little!

I know that this is probably something that is commonly asked or mentioned but I just had to discuss it. You see, Riot (or Rito) you made the prices of all skins and champions 1 ip so that we could test easily and freely, however, i think that the amount that we have is too little! I only got allowed onto PBE this year ( a month or 2 ago) and i already almost have run out of RP! I think we should either be given (or loaded with) more RP either on a daily, weekly etc basis, but that is regular (say 1000 rp weekly) so that people keep on trying to play pbe more and as well as that it doesn't too boring or too limiting (since i personally love constantly getting or giving gifts for like rare skins). I think that if this was implemented everyone would be pleased and it would actually be quite good for the game.
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