Petition to update LeaverBuster

Ok so I have a lot of problems with the leaver buster system. So before I stated my problems with it and propose a solution, I wanna go over what it is. LeaverBuster is a system that punish people who goes afk by placing them in the so called low-priority queue. Before you even get into queue, you are forced to wait for 5,10,15,or 20 minutes depending on how many games u have afked already. This is my problem with this system, as you wait to get into queue, there's a pop-up screen that if you were to click cancel and get out of it, the timer reset. For example, if I wait for 19 minutes when im supposed to wait 20 minutes and then click cancel on accident, I have to restart my 20 minutes wait and honestly, this is just really annoying, like I know afk is bad but making the player not doing anything league-related for 5 to 20 minutes just because he/she afk some game is absolutely unfair punishment. I mean, guess what riot? PEOPLE ARE GOING TO AFK GAME AND NOT ALL OF IT IS INTENTIONAL LIKE SHIT! Don't get me wrong, I think 5 to 20 minutes is a fair punishment for afker but forcing us to wait that long and looking at the same screen for 20 minutes without doing anything else with the client is extremely frustrating and like, it's ruining the gameplay experience like, we're getting punished for a crime that, first of all, we may not have done intentionally (like idk, internet got cut 40 minutes into the game or mom force me to go sleep 15 minutes in). So what is my petition? if you want to keep leaverbuster (a system that I think should just be abolish in general because it's unfair), then fine, keep it, I love league of legends and if this is the cost I have to pay to enjoy the game then ok but like, don't force people into some bullshit scenario where if we afk, we are at risk of being forced to stare at the same screen in the client for 5 to 20 minutes just because we afk a game and can't do other league of legends things on the client. Make it so that at least if we have to wait, we can just click cancel, go do something productive on the client, and then when the timer is up, we are placed in low-priority queue where we have to wait longer than everyone else to get queue up in a game
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