The current meta and why it's so one-sided.

This meta is commonly known as the tank meta (cinderhulk) and those who main ADC will know the struggle. The buildpath for Tanks is about 5-8k cheaper than the current AD full build which is about 17,200 without the bloodlust potion. Here is my chart showing the cost of full builds. Tanks: Thornmail - 2100g cinderhulk - 2250g Randuins - 2850g Locket - 2800g Warmogs- 2500g Merc treds- 1200g 13700g total Attack damage carry: BT - 3500 PD- 2800 LW (needed or you will kill yourself) - 2300g IE - 3800g Merc scim - 3800g Boots- 1000g This is without Botrk which would cost less but would still cost more than the Tanks build. The total is about 17200g without any other items besides these. I just think the meta is to one-sided towards tanks and it's really making the carry role kinda impossible. The other thing is that you would think vayne would be god tier but really the amount of dmg she puts out will kill her due to thornmail cinderhulk and dont forget if the tank smites gromp its even more dmg taken. This is just my opinion fyi, but i thought i would share because i wanted to see if you all agree/ not.
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