Mystery Gift as Birthday present from Riot?

Hello, I'm sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but since I didn't find any posts relating this idea, I decided to make one myself. So, I know this looks and sounds something like from science fiction or even comedy, but this would be a really nice way for Riot to show us, that they really care about their community. How would that work? You see, when we do registration to make a new League of Legends account, we put in our Date of Birth information ( at least most of us does it correctly ), that shows how old are we and when do we actually have a Birthday. Riot has this information available. Why Riot Games should do this kind of Gifting? In my opinion, this would be a nice way to be different from other gaming companies that are really just pumping money out of you, and this wouldn't even cost anything to Riot itself. I mean, personally I have spent over 20 euros on this game ( skins and gifts to my friends ). In this way I'm showing my respect and will for this game to continue to grow and become even better than it is now. I really don't see a single reason why this gifting shouldn't be implemented. How often this gifting would occur? Just once per Year, that's it. 1 Mystery Gift per 365 days. I think that this is totally worth it and feeling would be amazing. I would like to hear from Riot about this idea. Have a nice day! Magnums.
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