The PBE is so filled with leavers right now, most of my games have 1 or more people who afk. I've played a LOT of 4v4s, some 3v4s but today really was the icing on the cake. I played a game where 5 people in total left. Yep. It's gotten out of control imo. The toxicity is solvable /mute all does wonders. However, people leaving in games isn't. And it bothers me because it happens all the time. Even though this isn't ranked and I don't care if you want to play Janna jungle - so long you don't int-, I still want to be able to actually play the game. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} EDIT: I've had people tell me to not report them in the comment section because it might be a bugsplat. I've had several bugsplats aswell, but there's a clear difference between ragequitting and having technical issues. The latter also typically happens when getting into a game, not right after my Zed died to the enemy Lucian for the third time and he's been raging in chat before that... If that happens I highly doubt it's a bugsplat. And about the minimap issue: yep, same here. Very annoying.
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