Gentleman Gnar skin -- Personal feedback

First of all, I am a huge Gnar fanatic. So of course I wanted to check out his new skin on the PBE. I thought I would leave my feedback on the skin in case it might help touch up some things that may need love. I know there is currently a lot of hype around Tahm Kench so I hope this still gets through. I apologize in advance at how wordy I am, but I hope I can still communicate my feedback clearly. Gentleman Gnar: not exactly what you would expect from a prehistoric youngin' like Gnar. At first I was opposed to the skin idea just because Gnar already has a comedic skin (in his super cute dino onesie) as well as I didn't think it fit Gnar's personality well. Instead of a well-kempt suit and hat I imagine Gnar caked in dirt from when he rolls around on the ground laughing, dancing or taunting. But for this feedback I will not focus on what could have been but instead what is, as I feel like this would be more helpful for those tidying him up. I'll start with what I like about the skin: * First off, he's adorable. He makes a fine gentleman in his dapper get-up. He looks great in his top hat and his golden tooth is a very nice touch. * He has great new aesthetic features: His suit is snazzy. Cane and pocket watch projectiles in mini Gnar look swell. More than anything, I think the Mega Gnar clocktower is absolutely gorgeous even though it is quite ungentlemanly to throw around fine architecture. * His recall animation sells the suit. Ties in how Gnar can be both a gentleman and his playful nature. * The part that sells the skin the most for me is his rage building. The splatters of red really bring out Gnar's nature in this skin and it actually had me laughing when I first saw it. I love it! Now onto the not-so-great (At least in my opinion). * While I love the pocket watch concept, while it's being thrown and whirling around, it is almost too blurry to make out what it is until Gnar catches it. For me, I think I would like the pocketwatch to be easily readable as a pocketwatch even in midair. * There is something about the suit that rubs me the wrong way. While I think the stripes look great on Mega Gnar, they look a little odd (to me) on mini Gnar. This is probably just my personal taste, which are clearly far below Gnar's in the world of high fashion. * When mini Gnar taunts clipping occurs between his hat and his tail and it looks really bad. I don't mean to be too picky but when you're selling something that is purely aesthetic, this should matter a lot. There is also some clipping that occurs in Mega Gnar's mouth when he dances and I am unsure if it is from his suit or his fur. This one does not stick out nearly as much but I thought it was worth the mention. * Lastly I'd like to mention Gnar's fur color. While I think you made the right decision in choosing white fur for this conception of Gnar, I think his fur is missing some needed prettiness. What I mean by this is when you look Gnar basic skin, around his nose and eyes he has slightly lighter fur and on the tip his ears he has a very beautiful contrast in color. I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though this skin is all about the suit, I think some visual contrast in his fur would be much appreciated and make Gnar the handsome devil we all know he is. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that my personal feedback was helpful in any way. {{champion:150}}

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