Im dumb. Three years of latin and i forgot that CHROMA in the latin literally means color.... color packs. really creative riot. I would also like to point out (no salt) riot always seems to be a little longer than what they project, now i don't mean always and they do a great job with the servers and keeping the buyers happy but when it comes down to it being late is not very attractive from a $500m-$600m company, and i get everybody runs into troubles and things don't go as planned but why not have the decency to say whats going on and make everybody a little less annoyed, besides everybody is in the dark and while you all know whats going on, simple things like "hey, gone a little long cause John spilled coffee on the wifi router! what a klutz" would be nice. I also know the saying "they scream my mistakes but whisper my accomplishments" by drake. so with that said your a great team and I truly respect and admire what you do. just kinda putting what i feel onto the boards :).
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