Regarding the Garen Changes..

Guys... Garen honestly does not need the W changes.. First off his E change is already going to be giving him a lot of loss in damage potential His Passive is already nerfed... And honestly, if you're going through with the W changes... ATLEAST make it Infinitely stackable... Because right now, You're kinda destroying his identity as The Tankiest™ Champion in the game, And honestly, This new "Villian Mechanic" isnt what anyone asked for... The only thing anyone ever asked for on Garen was the CD on his R be lowered slightly, Which you did... And what happened to Garen being "The Simplest" Champion in the game? Right now, With these changes, He's more complicated than Fiora's Passive %Health damage.. I'm sorry, But Garen doesnt need this change...
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