Crazy Amount of Dodges on PBE

So I'm new to PBE and well I haven't properly been testing for bugs with skins/champs if I'm totally honest. I just kinda wanted to try out some cool skins on my favorite champs without having to pay for a bit, then move on to the actual purpose of the PBE. Now I've recently been seeing a crazy amount of dodges when i try to get into a game. Oftentimes, I have to go through 5+ lobbies just to get into an actual game, where I can't even play what I wanted to because I get autofilled. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, I have a few solutions. 1 - Increase dodge penalty from 10 - 15 - 20 - 25. Admittedly this wouldn't be the best for people who genuinely have a problem connecting, as it sometimes even happens to me but at the same time it would be more likely to prevent players from dodging. 2 - Create a sort of system that counts your dodges and how often you dodge and matchmake you with certain people depending on how often you dodge. So, basically if you dodge a lot, you get into matches with other people who dodge a lot. Although I assume this goes without saying, you shouldn't get instantly penalized for dodging once, obviously we've all had that game with the troll teemo jungle spamming "me carry" so I believe if you dodge, let's say more then 7 times a week, you get matchmade with people who dodge more often. Similar to a sort of ranking system, but with dodgers. This could also help control the amount of dodges you get when a fat new skin or a new champion or a new rework comes out. Then again, I am new so maybe this is something that's frequent on the PBE? Or maybe just because of the huge influx of new players? Whatever it is, it's annoying and tedious and I hope that it ends soon. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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