Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!

EDIT ::: We are now live on the PBE with the new Champ Select experience. Help us bugtest! It's important to note that this is all **WORK IN PROGRESS!** and there's still a lot of polish and bugfixes that the team would like to do before the system is ready for live play. We also need your help triaging a nasty bug that we've been having difficulty nailing down. --- During transitions (when it becomes your turn, or after you finish your turn), sometimes the client freezes and forces you to reboot the client and re-log in to the match. If this happens, please post the following information: 1) Describe what's currently on the screen -- who's turn was it? 2) Describe what was happening right before the client froze -- what did you click? 3) Were you able to reconnect and play the game, or did it end in a queue dodge? 4) If you know how, please send a dxdiag to Thanks for your help in making this the best experience it can be.
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