(Dec 9th) New Champ Select is Up Again -- COMPLETE

Hey everyone! **EDIT: We have everything we need for now and have opted for an early shutoff. Thank you for your cooperation; new champ select is off, and other modes are back on.** --- ~~We're turning on new champ select on PBE now through Friday (Dec 11th) and need your help again . **We'd like to compile everything related to crashes in the new champ select in one place,** so if you encounter said crashes please post here!~~ ~~Here's what we're looking for (_Please try to be specific as possible_):~~ 1) ~~Which phase did you crash in? (Lobby, Pick Intent, Bans, Picks, etc)~~ 2) ~~What were you doing right before the crash? ~~ 3) ~~If possible, send us your dxdiag to lyte@riotgames.com~~ ~~Thanks again!~~
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