[5/7/2015] Starting a new beta test for the Instant Feedback System

Hey everyone, We've just started a test of the Instant Feedback System on the PBE. During this first test, player reports help the system recognize and punish instances of verbal harassment like homophobia, racism, sexism, excessive abuse and death threats **immediately**. We're starting with these exceptionally negative expressions because we already know the community emphatically rejects this kind of behavior. If a player receives enough valid reports to trigger the system, **within 15 minutes**, the system will examine the case and determine whether the reported player behaved in a manner that should be punished. **If confirmed, we email the player with the relevant chat logs and info about the appropriate punishment he or she will receive. ** This is the first step in a plan for a new cohesive player behavior experience in League of Legends, and we’ll be talking more about this vision this month including how players can engage with the systems and contribute to making the community a better place.
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