PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Blade Master Yi!

http://imgur.com/rVfYCx2 **Cosmic Blade Master Yi** channels the power of the stars to fight in the cosmos and on the Rift! **Cosmic Blade Master Yi** is set to be **1350 RP*** and includes: * **New model and texture** - Decked out in white and blue attire, complete with golden armor! * **New particles** - Astral blues and constellations for all abilities! * **New sound effects** - Cosmic VO processing, along with meteoric metal sound effects for all abilities! * **New recall animation** - Master Yi readies himself before blinking through space! **Cosmic Blade Master Yi** is now available to play on the PBE! As players who experience this content firsthand, your constructive feedback is appreciated. Feel free to leave it in the comments below! If you have any questions, you can also drop them below and I'll do my best to answer them! ^-^ \* *Prices subject to change.*
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