Report a Bug page is now LIVE!!

Testers - After a few patches to work out some of the kinks to the Player Bug Reporting (PBR) Tool, we are now ready to transition the PBR to be our primary means of processing bugs found on the PBE. We hope that the Bug reporting forum will remain a place where you can discuss the finer points of what may or may not be a bug; however, we will be looking to the PBR to gain detailed repro steps so that issues can be effectively evaluated and prioritized. You'll be able to find a link to "Report a Bug" via the Client. For a time, we will also have the link in a sticky post across all PBE boards, but for easier access, a permanent link will be added to the navigation panel seen to your left. Rest assured, we look at every bug that goes into the PBR, and we hope that it continues to contribute to our discovery of nasty bugs in the game. Thanks, Riot Chesties {{champion:201}}
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