Sion Login Screen Bugs & Feedback

Hey everyone! Wanted to just drop in and provide some quick context around Sion and login screens in general. When creating login screen we only have so much bandwidth and limited time on the client to create some fancy animations. Champions always take priority, with Events, Legendary/Ultimate Skins and eSports falling in there between Champ releases. Sion's relaunch has been a long time coming, and we felt like... hey, this guy deserves a moment in the proverbial sun! We've never done a Champion Relaunch for a login screen before, and while we may not do one for every relaunch going forward- we'd like to support them when we can. Now with the context out of the way- what do you guys think?! This login has two animations- his idle and head-stomping state, along with some tech where helmet-guy will slightly follow the movement of your mouse. With all login screens we look for laggy animations and any bugs that may occur. I hope you enjoy! Pitayin and I will be hanging out in this thread to check out your feedback, so swing in and chat with us :) Glory for Noxus, -Ve1vet
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