[Suggestion] When a new champ comes out on PBE, please enable One For All

So as everyone knows, there is a mad rush to see who can click a new champ the fastest, and typically whoever has the exact position memorized and is hovering over it when champ select starts, wins. And during the first few days it's rare to be able to make a single-person custom since I don't have 2 other friends with PBE accounts. So why not have one for all enabled for a few days, or at least enable multiples of the same champion to be selected? There are a couple reasons this could be beneficial. 1. This enables the ability for Riot to get more feedback on the champion. More people are playing it and finding out what works. May be faster to find bugs. 2. This also ensures that when One for All makes it's inevitable return, the new champion's abilities work as intended (57 {{champion:134}} Syndra ball ult is hilarious though.) The only downside I can think of is this might hinder the ability to see interactions with other champions. I think One For All should only be enabled for a few days if it was implemented. Upvote for visibility if you agree!
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