Disgust in PBE

first of all, I tip my fedora to all the PBE testers who actually use PBE for testing. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Now to my main topic, I have been playing in the PBE since it became open to everyone, but i have some minor complaints. first of all and most importantly, a formal compaint to Riot Games, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Riot Games, I Admire your idea to enable Public Testing to everyone, but you made a fatal flaw, as you know most of the league of legends community is over lvl 3 honnor, which makes the requirements useless. The players are abusing the system by going inactive on thier main accounts and constantly going on pbe just to get free skins or RP, Im not calling out names or regions here. while writing this i am in the Loading screen, two users where harrasing me in the champion select, saying that his "friend" should go jungle instead of me, and proceding to curse me, and Telling me after picking azir jungle "You better play good or we will report you", This behaviour shouldent exist in PBE let alone league itself. and this isnt the first time i encountered this, I play on the EUNE server, which by far is the less monitored server from my experience, iv been playing since season 3, and i am truly disgusted at the RIOT BOT (auto ban thing) and the player support, from over 300+ reports i have made in my lifetime, only 3 have been resolved Thank you for taking the time to read this ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now before telling me, to report them after the game, that never truly works has it? I have monitored arround 3 people who have been activly feeding/flaming for the past month, and they have not got banned yet. as im writing this you know i am in a game by now, I am constantly getting harrased by my teammated for not ganking, i havent even hit lvl 5 and its 6 mins in, This is unacceptable behavior by the League of Legends community. I would honestly think a new Tribunal system, and player support instead of a new patch, I would want better Support than Tournaments which cost millions. Il be editing this later. thank you for reading EDIT: to anyone saying why i went a offmeta build, i wanted to see the interactions of new runes with different champions in the jungle, and i don't have any friends on pbe to premade with.
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