Zoe : The Aspect Of Twilight Guide Part 1!

Hey Guys On My Last Thread I Asked All Of You Do U Want To See A Guide On Zoe, And Many Of You Were Interested!! So Here You Go! > **_Zoe Is Still Disabled So This Guide Is Only Knowing Her Strengths On What I Saw From Gameplay_** **_This Guide Is In Parts And More Parts Will Be Added_** Lets Start From Her Abilities: [Passive: More Sparkles](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k94s6IgX1Q) **After casting a spell, Zoe's next basic attack deals bonus magic damage.** * Zoe's Passive is just like Lux's passive **_But_** zoe doesn't need to hit a enemy with a ability to proc her passive * Its a very simple passive and a nice add-on to her kit [Q: Paddle Star](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BgkLJKbj3M) **_Zoe fires a star that deals magic damage in a small area and applies her passive. She can recast Q mid-flight to redirect the star to a new position near her. The star's damage increases based on the distance it has traveled in a straight line._** * Zoe Q is her bread and butter ability * This ability works with every other ability in her kit * This is the only source of her "Wave Clear" * This ability can be blocked by minion * This ability has more damage based on how far it has traveled, therefore it is essential to throw this ability far back and then a champion if possible * The extra damage is essential but it can also be used in a straight line to poke * This ability when combined with her passive and or e does DEADLY damage * You can also combine this with her R and do more damage * There are 2 ways you can use her R with this ability - Use Q behind then use R to go ahead And use Q again to redirect it to the champion to do more damage (this also increase the range of where u want your Q to go) - This time use R to go back (not towards the enemy champion i.e Opposite to them) use Q in the direction u went and then when u come back from your portal jump use your Q towards the opponent (this doesn't increase the range of your q and dont use it will chasing the opponent it will just give him more time to escape, this should be used in lane while poking for the best results) [W: Spell Thief](https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=oyCUeWfaBBk) **_Enemy summoner spells and active item casts drop spell shards on the ground for an extended period of time. Some minions also drop a spell shard when killed by Zoe. Collecting a spell shard grants one cast of that spell or active item._** **_When casting any summoner spell, Zoe briefly gains bonus movement speed and tosses missiles at the nearest enemy (prioritizing her nearest enemy). Each missile can trigger her passive._** Bear With Me On This Ability {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} * This ability allows you to pickup **ANY** summoner spell/item active used by a enemy champion to use it for your benefit (except ward item actives) * This includes Flash,Ignite,Teleport and all others * For 1 min your W is transformed into the Summoner Spell/Item Active you picked up * Make sure u pick up the correct summoner in a team-fight because once u pick a Summoner Spell/Item Active u can only get rid of it by using it or waiting for the 1 min period to end * A minion in each/random wave carries a balloon with him which cointains a random Summoner Spell/Item Active make sure you last hit that minion to get that Summoner Spell/Item Active or you will lose it * If u haven't picked up any Summoner Spell/Item Active this ability will remain useless until u pick up a Summoner Spell/Item Active Now For The Active Part Of The Ability * Whenever zoe uses the Summoner Spell/Item Active she picked up she gains movement speed (for eg if u pick flash and used it while chasing a enemy the movement speed buff will be very useful to reduce the distance between you and your opponent) and spawns 3 bubbles around you which deals damage to nearest champion ( i am not sure about minions) just like ahri's W [E: Sleepy Trouble Bubble](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUihzXONkdg) **_Zoe throws a ball that detonates on the first target hit, dealing magic damage and making the struck enemy drowsy. After a couple of seconds, drowsy enemies will briefly fall asleep and take extra damage from the next attack or spell. Whenever an enemy falls asleep, this ability's cooldown is reduced. _** **_If the Bubble hits nothing, it lingers on the ground as a trap. If cast over a wall, it gains casting range._** * This is the only ability in Zoe's kit with CC * Make sure if the ability makes anyone asleep even minions it's cd will be reduced * When someone falls asleep the next AA/Ability (not sure from teammates) will take extra damage * Combine this with Q and do insane damage * The range of the bubble can be increased when it is passing through a wall (you can use this from blue buff to top lane) * This should be your first spell to start in a fight for that extra Ability/AA Damage * Dont use this for poking it has a mana cost and will only drain your mana faster [R: Portal Jump](https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=60Y1K_5r5g4) **_Briefly teleport to a targeted position, then teleport back. During the teleport you can use abilities and attack normally, and see over walls. However, you won't be able to move._** * This ability has a 10/8/6 sec cd which can go upto 2.4 sec at level 16 with ultimate hat and 40% cdr * You can spam this ability and combine with your Q to do insane damage and nearly kill the target * At first her ultimate doesnt seen so good but when playing with her u will know its true power * This is not a escape ability cause you will teleport back to where you started and you cant stop it **_This leads us to her weaknesses:_** 1. She doesn't have an escape ability to save her from ganks (except than her flash summoner spell) 2. She has early games mana issues as u often use your Q for wave clear as well as poking 3. The only main source of her Damage/Wave Clear is her Q 4. Weak to ganks (make sure u gank her as much as possible in the early game) 5. Very weak to champions like Leona with high CC **_Strong Points: _** 1. Insane burst damage with her Q when combined with other abilities 2. Decent wave clear (not like evelynn) 3. You cant outflash her (unless she has a Summoner Spell/Item Active on her W) 4. Incredible CC 5. Unique Kit 6. Can easily punish opponents for there mistakes > **_This Guide Will Be Edited As I Will Come To Know More About Her Abilities_** **_Let Me Know If I Missed Anything_** **_Thats it for Part 1!_** **_More are on the way!_** _**Video Links:**_ [Teaser](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZnVHNJfFMY&t=9s) [Yasuuo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXBRNnB5Ovk) [Special Interactions](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDQ9tHMSA74) What Do You Want To See Next About Her : 1. Runes 2. Counters 3. Build Paths
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