Way to Substantially Reduce Champion Select Dodges

COMPLETE CREDIT TO "PIIRO" AND "My Pet Dinosaur" FOR THIS IDEA This was hidden in the comments in another post and I think this would work extremely well so I am making a separate post for this Those who want to test a new champion or major rework that is highly contested can queue up for it specifically. Everyone who does not care whether they get the new feature or not can just queue up like normal. One(maybe 2 so that there is one new champion(currently Zoe) on each team) will be in each game. The idea behind this is that to get the contested feature, YOU HAVE to be willing to wait longer in queue and not just dodge champion selects until you happen to get it. This will massively speed up time between hitting the find match button and actually being in a game for most players, and those who want to test the new feature will have to wait their turn.
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