Creating a Home for the Community. :)

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I am looking to make a home for PBE players, a place we can play together and get more involved in making the whole game experience better; from PBE to our home servers. On PBE we find many different players from around the world, I am thankful for this opportunity to unite with my fellow players and compete against each other. A small list of things I hope to achieve from opening my discord to the entire PBE is: _ 1. Establishing a home for the community 2. Player Vs Player Respect 3. Improving team play 4. A place to be creative and have fun 5. Improved feedback on featured content/bugs _ These are not just what I hope to achieve but guidelines/rules I hope anyone deciding to join will follow and uphold. **A Special Thanks To:** Riot Games for the best game experience I and many others have had. With worlds now finished with the tragic tale it spun (Faker we still love you), SKT without the three-peat, and SSG now holds the cup. Riot games tho these people are now world Champions it wouldn't have been possible without you. So my thanks and the thanks from the small community I have already started for bringing us and so many others together . May the true legends of league never die!
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