PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Revel Chromas!

#This feedback thread is now closed. As always, we appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback and call out any gameplay concerns/bugs. At this time, we're going through remaining bits of feedback, as well as fixing any lingering issues. šŸ’• Hey everyone! Sorry for the wait! To make it up to all of you, we’ve got a bunch of Chromas coming out this patch! We’ll have Chromas coming out for **Lunar Empress Lux**, **Lunar Guardian Nasus**, **Lunar Guardian Warwick**, as well as a set of **Golden Chromas** for previous Lunar Revel skins *(incl. **Guqin Sona**, **Warring Kingdoms Garen**, **Lunar Wraith Caitlyn**, **Warring Kingdoms Katarina**, **Dragonwing Corki**, and **Dragonblade Riven**. Whew!)* https://imgur.com/B1fG3bb https://imgur.com/mI5ZKW2 **Lunar Empress Lux Chromas:** * **New textures:** *“Shine bright!”* * **Ruby -** A little red for good luck * **Peridot -** I’m not *jaded* at all~ * **Rose Quartz -** Peachy as ever * **Amethyst -** The lotus blooms pure and untainted * **Turquoise -** For a vivid new year https://imgur.com/235Bdtn https://imgur.com/88Xhzjs **Lunar Guardian Nasus Chromas:** * **New textures:** *“The cycle of life and death continues. We will live, they will die.”* * **Ruby -** My infernal brother’s going to be jealous * **Meteorite -** *“The sky was naught but dying stars”* * **Pearl -** True ascension has never felt better * **Turquoise -** *“More souls for the pyre”* https://imgur.com/mr8a3dN https://imgur.com/zAdNHeS **Lunar Guardian Warwick Chromas:** * **New textures:** *“You hurt them, I hurt you.”* * **Ruby -** *“Blood brings rage”* * **Meteorite -** The darkness consumes, the monster emerges * **Pearl -** With all the brilliance of the moon * **Turquoise -** A new year, a new beast https://imgur.com/9xEhlCE **Golden Chromas:** Will be available through loot * **New textures:** From rags to riches! * **Guqin Sona -** Listen Summoner, to my new etwahl * **Warring Kingdoms Garen -** For glory and Demacia! * **Lunar Wraith Caitlyn -** The golden gun * **Warring Kingdoms Katarina -** Let’s get these gold daggers dirty * **Dragonwing Corki -** Ever ride a gold dragon before? * **Dragonblade Riven -** Just wait till you see my golden blade reforged! The Chroma sets are now available on PBE! However, there are currently a few notes: * **Final Names:** ~~The names in-game are not up to date, the final names are the ones you see above~~ The names on PBE are now up to date! * **Legacy:** These Chromas will be Legacy skins, meaning they will, at some point in time, become unavailable for purchase We hope you all will enjoy the new sets, but we’re also looking forward to hearing your constructive feedback. I’ll do my best to answer and reply to your questions and feedback! Thanks! Riot Orphyre
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