Guinsoo nerf on Non-Meta champions

- I am a Long-time kogmaw midlane main (currently high Plat EUNE) and really woried about his future after guinsoo changes. I run usualy ap onhit ,as i dont like building crit items. But after this change , non meta onhit champions as Kogmaw Kayle , Varus to some extent etc will be gutted, while champs like Vayne and Kaisa will still be top-tier and Yi will still stomp lower elos because his passive will still be amazing with guinsoo. - You cannot solve a problem with couple of abusers by nerfing item, when it will kill entire class of users. Imagine lets say Caitlyn being OP, so you gut infinity edge. But Onhit champions and players are already low in their numbers, this will be a nail in the coffin. - I, myself, will still be playing Ap-onhit kogmaw. I played him when he was strong, played him after 1/4 damage of his W was taken away, played him after guinsoo AP scaling was taken away, and will still play after this. - After this change, people will run from buying guinsoo whenever they can. So either compensate Champs who used not (Not Abused it) by buffs, or make the item itself be better on weaker champs who used it (for example Giving Back Ap % scaling, because most of champs who used it were ap or something else), but nerfing item because only 3 champions were amazing will create entire class of champs who are borderline playable, as Kogmaw is already, but 15% Of Mpen/ARpen is nothing usefull - TL DR, Guinsoo nerf will hit onhit hard champions who arent problematic and will still keep Vayne/Kaisa top tier
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