New client and launcher layout

Hello there! *I would like to talk a little bit about new layout of League client and launcher.* I am pretty happy, that it is finally here. I have been waiting for this update long time to see how you solved few problems which I see in it. So let's get started. **Launcher** Launcher is now *clear*, *pretty*, *fast* and *synoptical*. If there is a new patch, you can check actual champion rotation, read news from RIOT and everything right in the launcher *(awesome idea!)* - your patch will be downloading simultaneously. So if there was something you do care about or something that interests you, you can check it and then start your client. Overall launcher is done really nicely it is simple, intuitive and clever. **Client** Client is now clearer and in my opinion more synoptical too. Client main page shows *same things* as launcher does. It shows same last posts from RIOT, some video + new in-game content (skins, champs, etc.) - but - only things you can check in-client is video and in-game content any other tile will open your browser and show you the post. **I personally really miss the option to live spectate *"top games"* on server.** I use it very often when I see my favourite champion or champ which I want to master or learn. I would be very happy to see these things being solved and maybe being improved even more. Overall client is now going right way, it is more synoptical and it is easier to orient in. So this article (discussion) is summarization of my thoughts and opinions - which I think are not that bad. I am really happy to be part of League community, keep up good work RIOT (except server crashes on EUNE and EUW), listen to community ideas, thoughts and opinions and it will be more awesome than it is now! Thanks for reading this :)
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