Irelia nerfs rly??

This nerfs doesnt make much senses. People dont know how to play against her just cry for nerfing her and it will end like few patches ago she will be useless. Tbh Balance team have no idea what are they doing bcs there are champs who deservs nerf way more then Ire. Just tested her and WHAT is this!?!? Her W is pointless now!!! I have feeling that im playing prework Irelia not reworked. Removing part of the kit GOOD CHOISE BALANCE TEAM!!!!! She cant do nothing against heavy bruisers like Darius, Shen, Trundel, etc.... Stop she will be unfun to play again. One more thing. How will feel Shaco if you remove his backstab passiv bonuse? Yasuo without his shield passiv? etc.... Answer?! They will be useless!!!!!! You are guys removing parth of her kit !!!!! Leave her be finaly....
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