nexus blitz thoughts

only talking about gameplay aspects (not about champion balance or bugs) **Plants:** Placement of Honeyfruit and Scryer's Bloom seem fine, but Blast Cones are just thrown around the Herald pit and its super annoying, looks like this: Id personally prefer way less of them like this: **Bushes:** Some of the bushes feel needless or very annoying needless = red, annoying = orange and yellow. Maybe if the wall between the 2 lanes (at yellow circles) would be a little bit thinner and the bush between the walls (that seperates the 2 lanes) a little bit more up, it would feel better instead of those 3 seperate bushes like this or something green = thinner wall, blue = old bush in the middle, orange = new bush in the middle **Free Spaces:** The map feels very empty at red circle and a bit weird at yellow circle. Orange circle feels absolutely senseless and I havent seen it being used more than once or twice in 12 games. **Jungle:** I read that some people dont like the 'forced' double jungle, but imo its implemented pretty decently. Though im wondering if there could be a better camp placement or rather a 4th camp to spread it more. maybe like this though Im not 100% conviced either since the wall placement around the jungle turret feels very awkward. **Bot Lane:** Most of my 12 games looked like this: Botlane wasnt used more than 5 minutes (often less) then it was either 3 people midlane or a big clownfieste between mid and jungle. The only reason to go botlane was a big minion wave. Junglers dont really move to botlane at all since you either have to go over midlane (pretty obvious) or over the lane. To come over the lane takes too long and even then your wave has to be pushed to the enemy turret to get inside the bush and you have to wait til the enemy wave pushes back and in this mode its not worth it to wait more than a few seconds. Maybe if there was a jungle camp in the useless space on bot but thats just a thought. **Death Timers:** This should really never be more than 30 seconds here **Events:** Events feel pretty decent aside from a bit rng that should be fixed (kill of the hill in turret range, bardle royale in the enemy base even though there are still turrets or teemo running way too deep into the enemy jungle). Just the snowball event feels very unfun. So far when this event occured people just kept fighting, I think once the event lasted ~3 minutes and Im not even sure if we finished it our the time ran out (if this is even possible). Apart from that when the event ends 0,1 second before I wanted to throw a snowball it puts my flash on a neat 200sec cooldown. **Base:** Thats probably just me but the base (Nexus and turret) feels so lost in an open space and not really like a base. **_Reminder: This is only my personal opinion towards the new gamemode. Feel free to share your opinion constructivly and have a nice discussion._** **Addition:** This is no feedback I just hope that the map will get its own theme to differ from the other maps. Personally I love the Bilgerwater theme (and we already have the bilgerwater base canon reward). _edit: formatting_ _edit2: added death timers and events_
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