New Grasp Lacks a Clear Niche

This now seems suitable to many more classes. It's worse on tanks with bad AP scaling such as Kench ([his jungling could use help anyway]( or Mundo (only W has any AP scaling whatsoever) but better on fighters and other classes where it could cause balance issues. For example, if Riven is strong with this (not saying it's true), do you want to deal with it? How about with a Singed getting multiple stacks of this in a teamfight due to his poison? It encourages bruiser builds on champions with decent but not great ratios (especially if they have low CDs) and leaves the champions with minimal ratios looking less appealing. Grasp's previous identity was "sustain/dueling power/scaling for tanks without proper ratios or massive resist ratios (especially health stackers)". I'm not sure what this change is supposed to accomplish but it seems to lose power for its primary users. Moreover, the adaptive damage is awkward (just like on Corki). For example, unless I build AP, I get AD when playing Kench with this. It's not the worst thing because the AP conversion ratio on Grasp is bad anyway but Kench is primarily a magic damage champion and has no AD ratios. BTW: It should mention that you only get the stat bonuses when in combat with champions.
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