Questions to the Dev Team About PBE Changes

Good day, I recently went through a process with the support team to get access to a new PBE account since legacy PBE accounts have been being deleted in waves. I appreciate the support team for letting me know this was happening. This led to me asking some questions which they were unable to answer for me and directed me here in attempts to get notice from members of the PBE Dev team. **Here is what I had asked them:** Is there any particular reason the PBE has taken away the 999999RP it used to start accounts with, so that players may be able to actually test all champs, skins, chromas and ward skins in game? I understand that the system now has a 3000RP daily achievement. I'm curious as to why that change was made. I can't really see there being a reason for that. Especially since I have been told the PBE is a testing ground for new content. I personally thought the PBE was a testing ground for any bugs or glitches that players may come across. Which players would then notify the development team of. Bugs or glitches can be in new content for sure. But new content may cause there to be interaction bugs with older champs, skins, chromas etc. Why would the people developing the PBE think that it would be best to make players earn all of these things to be able to update you on bugs and glitches on a reasonable time scale? Some things in the PBE shop aren't even reduced. If you release 6 new skins to the PBE and don't have the price reduced players will have to earn the RP over days to be able to purchase them all and provide you info on bugs and glitches. If anyone has answers to these questions please get back to me. At this point since I have lost everything and have to start from scratch. I have been told by the support team there are others like me and it would be nice to have some answers as to why these changes have been made. Best wishes, Soken
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