@Riot needs to address the summoner spell cdr issue

Hello, I really like the new open spellbook and found it to be quite useful on lots of roles such as carry toplaners and is really fun to use on nunu. However I have a problem with it not giving any summoner spell cdr, some champions are really reliant on flash to be relevant such as annie,gragas,riven,alistar. Having no ways of reducing that flash cd feels bad. We used to be able to get that cdr by choosing insight from the resolve tree, but right now it is near impossible to get. What i suggest is to either add some spell cdr to the inspiration traits or change cosmic insight to give 15-20% cdr just like in the old days, because lets be honest nobody chose cosmic insight for the active item cdr. Another reasonable suggestion is to buff the ionian boots spell cdr. Cdr boots are such a niche pick and is rarely picked over other defensive boots. For most players when it comes to boot choice the thought process is the follow: Do they have more than three 2 ad champs? Go tabi. Do they have lots of unavoidable cc? Go mercs. Do they have none of the above? Still go mercs or tabi. I would really appreciate if any rioter gave their point of view regarding this subject
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