[VISUALS] Akali skins looks decent at first glance, however things are lacking.

We know you guys have the technology for it as proven in the past reworks/champion releases however, could anyone please let us know if it's possible to give akali a toggle ability to toggle in between facemask/no facemask. The model work has been done for it already as has been proven by the ramen emote, please consider this as it will be something we'll enjoy just having the option to toggle freely. NOTE: Small mini request in regards to this, if this were to be taken seriously could this also apply differently on bloodmoon akali? (being able to wear the mask?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aside of that I have some feedback in regards to how vfx has been handled in regards to her new shrouds within skins. I've noticed that there is no visual adjusment done to match the thematic of the skins as much as we're used to in the current norm of skins. Normally with a new skin that involves smoke such as singed, said smoke get's adjusted to fit the thematic perfectly. With akali this has been avoided a lot, a few sparks here and there that are vaguely visible isn't really something we were looking up to.. I know the copy paste message i'll be receiving which is that due to game clarity you would like to avoid any confusion. though I don't see how atleast simply changing the color of said smoke @ shroud will cause confusion.. the silhouette won'tchange, nor is it extremely flashy either.. the animation of the smoke isn't different due to these potential changes, so why has this been avoided? Blood moon's splash art literally displays trails of crimson smoke around her, yet her shroud is a big blob of gray with random spekkles here and there... Headhunter's pre-rework shroud alligns more with the thematic than her new iteration does now... and that's from 3 years ago. It doesn't make sense to add sparks of lightning in a big blob of gray smoke at all when the rest of the skills and aesthethic is so flashy on this skin.. The same applies Infernal... we just expected a bit more I'm not saying the skins suck or anything along those lines in the slightest at all! However what's done with the shroud vfx compared with the rest is really.. unfortunate and saddening. In some way even unfair that Akali is the only champion where "game clarity" matters so much that you ignore the thematic of skins with so much potential in relation to the shroud where champions like singed who have no indicator for his smoke trail still get their vfx needs met with skin releases such as snow day singed & Beekeeper singed. Please.. consider tweaks or atleast a dash of color on akali's shroud for the skins to meet their thematic and/or color scheme... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Last but not least, the biggest elephant in the room.. VFX on the skins in general. Akali has 8 skins, 3 of which received new VFX, which left 5 other skins with the default base stuff... Usually that would be totally fine and understandable, **however**... 5 of these skins have a price point of 975 RP or higher. Let's list these down shall we: - SilverFang Akali (975 RP) - HeadHunter Akali (1350 RP) - Blood Moon Akali (975 RP) - All star Akali (975 RP) - Nurse Akali (975 RP) Now lets list down the skins that received new vfx: - Blood Moon Akali (975 RP) - Head Hunter Akali (1350 RP) - Crimson Akali (Now called Infernal) (520 RP) That leaves 3 skins with a price point of 975 RP with no visual changes whatsoever which are: - All star Akali - Silver Fang Akali - Nurse Akali This is really saddening, especially when the current norm of how skins have been dealt with is that 975 skins get something outside of just a model change even if it's as insignificant as recolored VFX. Before you jump your horses and pull the obvious counter complaint "you should be glad you're even getting anything out of it since they are rework skins" Yes. Yes I am absolutely grateful for that but **that's** why this is called a visual gameplay update there's a certain expection that comes with this based of PAST Visual Gameplay updates. Outside of that you have to realize that champion reworks rarily ever get new skins anytime soon so this is what we have to use for a long time, hence why we're so passionate to voice our critique on how Akali has been treated. A fin let's take in consideration that they switched crimson akali for any of these 3 skins to receive VFX that would atleast still have 2 other skins that received an unfair treatment for the pricepoint. Keep in mind that **only** Headhunter akali received an unique recall, the rest uses the default one. Please take this feedback in consideration..
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