[FEEDBACK] Golden Dog Icon

I loved all new Dog Versus Cat icons ♥ And I'm certainly dog's team.. But when I saw Golden Dog Icon, I noticed that his medal base edge is more unsatured than Golden Cat Icon.. https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-DNtPmVDc99s/XH7TtonwX3I/AAAAAAABPuA/4Vxn11kLlfwTOSNduxHnA3hAjR8VeP8zQCLcBGAs/s200/4053.jpg https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ySfx-zcB18s/XH7TtssuzCI/AAAAAAABPt8/q4Kp8hfuclwCP1X1Qeo7PdKuBC6J9_swACLcBGAs/s200/4052.jpg And his face look like he is starving.. I got what you want to do with this fine jaw, probably trying to give him a long muzzle, but, still looking starving, and this is so sad =\.. He looks like "I'm hungry, but I'm happy to have you as my owner ♥" this is cute, but also, sad .-. So.. I changed a little bit his "jaw" to make him more cute and fed and bring his medal edge to gold https://giphy.com/gifs/5qGakWRwAO56Cp8lsv/html5 Plz, do this little changes ♥ Au, au, au, auuuu (Go Dog's Team #InDogsLanguage)
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