Thoughts on Tahm Kench W & E Changes

The new Tahm K. nerf was very bad for him And i suggest you revert both changes and here is why.. Quick thoughts on W change: Tahm has a 390 movespeed(with boots & excluding swift & mobility). But him not being able to get movespeed when he eats an ally is very harsh on him considering the fact that he is very weak against any slows or form of CC and his W was made for a quick getaway anyway. BUt if you do continue on with this nerf i suggest at least taking the move speed you take away from his W and put it into his base movespeed. Quick thoughts on his E pasive change: Tahm cannot really heal much as it is now unless you build a Spirit Visage(and maybe a _ late _ game tank build. But the nerf to his healing is really uncalled for and really makes him weak to trades and poke in his early game causing him to be able to do nothing but get pushed out of lane and wait till the mid-late game. I really suggest that you dont make this nerf due to how he(and** all **tank supports) were pushed out of meta with the most recent targons nerf in 8.7 . Please **_really_** take this into consideration.
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