Serious Post about URF/AR URF

Okey how can i start this off... Alot of people are arguing how they want old urf and not ar urf, and i totaly agree this gamemode is not as fun as urf . But at least from what i know riot made it so 10 same champs don`t get played over and over. {{champion:238}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:105}} etc.. And why did they do this? To make game more fun. But since now everybody gets random champion its more about luck i think teams should have 50/50 % to win ye maybe 5 of broken urf champs in team 1 and 5 broken in team 2 isn`t best idea But people often get champs that suck (cough) soraka. And others get ...Well... You know .{{champion:105}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:238}} Wait a second... Isn`t this gamemode for us riot? We want old urf back. But if COMMUNITY says we like AR URF more then i will accept it. But please just leave vote do you think AR URF or URF is better Thank you for reading EDIT: Guys im sorry i totaly forgot this post, my main account got locked and now im struggling with riots support _cough_ Customer service. But yeah as we see 82 votes and 68 for URF. If community wants URF why not give it to them. And yes i do agree 10 bans would be much better then 6 and would fix biggest problem with URF
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