Anybody else really hate the new Aatrox changes?

I've been playing games against Aatrox all day as Yasuo and so far I've seen Full Life Steal, Tank, and On-Hit/Attack Speed. And whats the one thing they all have in common? They only ever hit 1 Q on you, but you still get reduced to half health because of his passive. This is legitimately the stupidest lane to play against. There is nothing worse than outplaying your opponent only to have them kill you anyway because they right clicked you one time. On top of that, after level 6, theres literally nothing anybody can do to kill him. At least with old Aatrox's ridiculous healing you had to pick the champions to kill first, which required some sort of knowledge. Now if you get 3 kills in laning phase, you become a carry worse than max level Kayle before you even hit your second item. Aatrox was better before all these changes. He was a skilled champion that didn't have any dumb mechanics that made him akin to old teemo in frustration to play against. You get a 5% max health auto attack that you get to proc over and over again just because you damaged a champion, heal for the damage you proc, then heal for 20% of the damage you proc, then heal for 40% of that damage if you ulted first, then heal for 15% of the damage you proc if you have deaths dance... That'd be fine if his damage compensated for the unbelievable amount of effort it takes to kill him, but it doesn't. < This is what my health was at when he missed every one of his Q's and basic attacked me one time. < He literally stood in one spot and basic attacked and then ignited me and healed so much that he survived with this much health. (AFTER I ignited which reduces healing.) There is no reason why somebody should be able to just stand in a single spot and auto attack to death and not even come close to dying. Especially when I, as Yasuo, effectively auto attacked twice as much as he did. Not only that, but the second he gets ult, he can just all in you under tower unless you were winning lane to begin with. I mean a free 20% attack damage??? why?? Why does he get to instantly get 20% attack damage for pressing R? I'm hoping the same thing happens with Aatrox that happened with Kayle, where it gets fixed before it goes to live servers. I should be able to focus on banning my counters like Lissandra. Last thing I want is to have to worry about an Aatrox basic attacking me to death at level 1.
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