Intentionally feeding players

First of all, i know it is a mixed elo and it will never be as simple as play to test. Most of PBE players seems to play draft just like competetive on live and i get it, sure its fun to win but were here to TEST features etc. instead of crying out about everything. this is a sum up for this game and here is the behaviour of player with shown in the picture nickname, EleMentt33. lets go to the mid game straight forward. I was roaming mid - bot to keep the pressure, xayah then started to be aggresive towards me. I got 3 kills botlane, said i wasnt cautious and sorry to get the damage to finish her off. It was the first time i actually tookd the kill from her. Killed vayne solo 2 times with xayah no where close to me. Things started to get ugly when she decided to spam all chat 'rakan adc im sup' for a fixed time (1-3 minutes afk under fountain just to sell her items and copy them from my set and all chat about it). So with such a great item utilization and zero damage i decided to let her cs alone for more experience and gold, i managed to get another kills roaming mid, then she started to be vulgar to me (by vulgar i mean she wanted me to suffer mentally*). I tried really hard to tell her she needs damage items and i am not a threat to her, said it really nice, kept it cool as they say. I never was vulgar in this game, never said anything for her to get mad at me or behave this way. This is intentional. This should not be tollerated. Started also crying about no gold and here is the fun fact, she couldnt even cs properly. Couldnt even last hit (i helped her by getting minions low enough while not taking them from her), she wasnt mad about it so i kept helping her, as i know it is hard to last hit with xayah early. I know forums arent supposed to be for players report but i crashed before i could report her for her behaviour and as i already said, it should not be tolerated. I dont want her getting banned or anything on purpose, i want her to understand there should not be any place for such things as intentional feeding. ALSO i forgot to mention, she did feed by going in 1v4 and trying to die asap. (i am sorry if i got any words bad wroten but english isnt my mother language {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} also sorry for wrong placing it but i really want someone to notice this.)
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