Nexus Blitz - add more loot champions

I love the idea behind loot champions. It gives Riot a chance to extend champion fantasy without giving weird or op mechanics to the playable version of the champion. Here are some ideas: {{champion:42}} - Flies in a pattern above the map, dropping down loot packages for champions to loot. Drops an odd number of packages before leaving. Team looting more packages wins. {{champion:81}} - Ezreal seeks out artifacts placed on the map replenishing portion of his hp when he reaches one, jumps over walls with his blink to annoy players. {{champion:427}} - Ivern enchants jungle camps to be looted later by players. Otherwise he's immune to attacks and grants regen to champs around him as well as creating new brushes. During the event, blue buff is replaced by Daisy who gives out a powerful buff to players who get the last hit. {{champion:203}} - a death game where Lamb & Wolf are immune to attacks and target opposite teams until either aspect gets a kill after which they swap target teams, repeating three times over. Lamb tries to snipe lowest health champion from one team (Xerath ult style), Wolf chases down longest living champion from the other. Loot given to victorious team after each round. {{champion:27}} - permanent poison trail until event ends. All champions on his path will be flung! {{champion:83}} - zombie apocalypse mode. Yorick himself is immune to attacks (maybe even absent) but zombies give out loot until they are all dead. ___ Well, these are only examples what could be done. Interesting twists on champion fantasy.

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